Novelty Car Air Fresheners Help You to Sweeten Up Your Brand and Get Your Marketing Campaign Moving

For many of us, our car is little more than a means of transportation, a means to an end and given just how costly the things can be to run and maintain it is little wonder then that car owners are a little grudging when it comes to spending any more money on their car than they have to. The fact that the recession has devalued the pound must also be factored in this equation, because our money does not stretch quite as far as it once did.

That said, it is important that we keep our frugality within the realms of moderation, after all, the purchase of novelty car air fresheners is hardly going to require you to take out a second mortgage on your home! In fact, these may actually be more of an investment than a luxury item in some types of business. In business, presenting a strong, positive image is an extremely important one indeed in order to secure the confidence of a potential client or customer and you would be amazed at just how much influence relatively trivial matters can have on your long term success. For example, if you attend a potential business meeting whereby if a consenus can be reached between both yourself and a supplier could result in a steady rate of income for you both, you may still find that the deal does not go through because you are late, forget the supplier’s name or appear distant and bored during the meeting. So what bearing does this have on novelty car air fresheners?

Imagine you are picking up a client from the airport or a hotel, in order to chauffeur them directly to your business meeting (and obviously, such a method would be as much to flatter the client as well as for logistical reasons). They enter your car, and then they find that they are assaulted by the noxious fumes of tobacco, greasy food and sweat. There is really nothing more off-putting to be trapped within a car that stinks to high heaven, quite frankly.

Novelty car air fresheners are not taken very seriously by purchasers, which may sound like a contradiction in terms, but please bear with me. It would be fair to say that they fulfil two functions, the first being for the purposes of amusement in that they are humorous to look at. On the second hand there is practical function, i.e. to neutralise bad odours within the car and to ensure that the car is left smelling much more sweetly than it was originally. Therefore, emphasis should be placed more on the practical capability of the air freshener so that consumers are fully aware that they are buying something more substantial and reliable than some glorified toy for their car.

The average consumer is much like a business client: skittish, fussy, and capricious in the extreme and so it is nothing short of crucial that you make such a distinction painfully clear to them through novelty car air fresheners that sweeten up your business relationship with them, as well as their car.

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